I approached Megan with a long standing family conundrum: ‘Who was my Grandmother’s birth-mother/family?’. She had been informally adopted in 1914, with no paperwork!  My mother and her sisters had always wanted to know her original identity, but on the face of it this seemed an impossible task. Megan in her positive, optimistic and tenacious way took on the role of a detective and systematically investigated. She kept me fully informed and ran options and possible solutions past me, including using DNA. I can report that she solved it! Much to my mother’s absolute joy, at last this 100 year old mystery has been solved.  ["J", London and New Zealand]

Thanks so much for coming to speak at our meeting - your presentation was amazing and you were so engaging, it went down really well with our members! Thanks! [Women's Insitute group, West London]

In regards to the work Megan did with my family, I want to express how deeply she has affected us.  For 63 years my Grandmother searched for her lost brother.  We paid investigators, spent countless hours searching through records but didn’t get anywhere.  It has always haunted her, so the fact that we now have answers means more than Megan will ever understand. Megan was fast, effective, and when she found him, she broke the news about his death in a professional and caring manner.  Not only did she find what happened to him, but she went to a lot of effort to get more details, to fill in the blanks for us. The whole family feels an immense sense of relief; she touched our lives in the most wonderful way and has brought such peace to my Grandmother. ["R", New Zealand]

l am very happy, and looking forward to the first meeting with my new found cousins. Thank you so much for taking on this crazy guy and his ancestry. You are awesome! ["G", Scotland]

I must offer my heartfelt thanks for my family tree. It must have taken a lot of time and work. This is something I have wanted for years, but could never get started. On Saturday, before my birthday, all the family had a wonderful day out, and dinner. This was my birthday present. When my daughter presented the folder containing the family tree and documents, I was so overwhelmed and excited. My daughter took me through the pages and even a layman like myself could decipher it. I confess to having read it constantly in my idle hours. I wish to thank you again and again for all the work it has entailed. [“S”, England]

I'm so glad I found you a year ago. Thank you again for all your help in London. I would never have been able to navigate my way around the city without you showing me where things were on the map, taking me around graveyards (and showing me how to use the oyster card). You have added immeasurably to my research. The discoveries you led me to are priceless treasures in my memory, and now I can pass them on to my family, too. I cannot express in words how much it means to me. ["B", USA]

How wonderful you have been doing all of this research for us. Initially your findings were a bit of a shock, along with elation. Now I am so pleased we have found out, its been like the missing end to a story or book and for Mums sake we needed to find out. I can't thank you enough. Just goes to show how a professional can achieve so much so quickly by comparison to our attempts to find him. Thanks once again ["J", Australia]

THANKS and what a wonderful talk! Thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. ["G", Womens's Institute, SE London] 


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