2018-2019: I worked on Skeletons of the Mary Rose for Channel 4 (Avanti Media).

2018: I was inhouse and onscreen Genealogist for Coronation Street's DNA Secrets, an exciting one-off family history and DNA programme for ITV (Wall to Wall). You can see me on the promo here.

2017-2019: I did genealogical research and people finding for A House Through Time, Series 1 & 2, for BBC TWO (Twenty Twenty). I found detailed biographical information and living relatives for this hugely successful new history series. 

2016: I did archive footage research for The People's History of Pop for BBC FOUR (7Wonder). Episodes 2, 3, 4, & 5. This landmark BBC4 series was nominated for "Best Use of Footage in a Music Production", @Focal International Awards: 2017.

2013-2014: Secrets From the Clink for ITV (Wall to Wall): I was Series Genealogist on stories featuring: Len Goodman, Johnny Vegas, Mariella Frostrup, Michelle Collins, and Daisy McAndrew. My favourite discovery was the amazing story of Ann Haines, a Victorian ancestor of Johnny Vegas: she made hundreds of Courthouse appearances and moved between the workhouse, prison, and the streets. Hers is an incredible story which shows just what you might be missing if you don't do proper research on the women in your family.

2013-2014: Secrets From the Asylum for ITV (Wall to Wall): Series Genealogist on stories featuring: Ray Winstone, Al Murray, Claire Sweeney, Christopher Biggins and Lesley Joseph.

2012-2013: Find My Past Series Two for Yesterday, and History Channel in NZ & Australia (Lion TV)Series Genealogist: Forward tracing the genealogy of significant figures from history, I then reached out to living relatives and talked to hundreds of people in the casting process to find our eventual family contributors (3 per programme, 30 over the series), plus experts!:

Series 2: The Dambusters / The Gunpowder Plot / The Curse of Tutankhamen / The Christmas Truce / The Great Fire of London / The Great Escape / The Battle of Trafalgar / Scott of the Antarctic / The Dickens (Staplehurst) Rail Crash / The Abdication

2011-2012: Find My Past Series 1 for Yesterday, and History Channel in NZ & Australia (Lion TV)Researcher / Inhouse Genealogist:  Dunkirk / Jack the Ripper / D-Day / The Titanic / The Royal Scandal / Suffragette, Emily Davison

I have done people finding for various other programmes, including You Make Me Feel Like Dancing on BBC TWO and for the BBC News at 6 and 10Tracing living relatives of Private James Ernest Beaney, a young soldier killed in WW1, who became the face of WW1 when a photo of him was made into a huge digital portrait.

1999: Making History Saturn Television, NZ: Producer/Presenter of this 6 part short form documentary on quirky historical events in the capital city Wellington, NZ.


I have a Diploma in Media Practice from Birkbeck, University of London. Particular research interests include:

  • women's lives and female lines
  • migration
  • convict transportation
  • bereavement, mourning, infant mortality
  • mental illness, "feminine hysteria" and the asylum
  • the social psychology of genealogy (the impulse to identify with ancestors)...
  • estrangement, adoption, intergenerational impacts, family systems, oral histories...



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