I explore family histories and mysteries for TV and private clients. I'm based in London, grew up in New Zealand, and have family roots from the UK and Ireland. I have many years experience with all sorts of research and people finding, including using DNA to solve family mysteries.

I’ve found stories of convicts, psychiatric inmates, suffragettes, rebels, and all manner of interesting and famous forebears! For several cases we have used DNA to break brick walls and trace connections unsolvable with conventional genealogy. 

I'm often asked: "HOW DID YOU GET INTO THIS?": There were some significant "gaps" in my own family and even as a small child I was curious to find out why. I did my first genealogy at age 13 through an "option" at school. My first foray into professional people-tracing was in the 1990's - as a qualified Reference Librarian with a social science background, I helped people in public libraries trace their families. I also coordinated oral history projects, and spent my fair share of time cataloguing and indexing books in dark basements!

Most of my work is now for television or media projects, but I do some research for private clients. Family mysteries can have a huge effect on subsequent generations, so I love helping people to discover the truth. Knowing about your roots can make a huge difference in life. 

I discovered the whereabouts of a brother lost for 60 years, from Australia to London via South Africa. I found archival evidence to prove family stories about a favourite Great Aunt - she was indeed a Suffragette who was arrested by the police! I even found the family of the man whose ashes spent three years on a shelf at the London Transport Lost Property office - after being left on the tube! All of these have been incredible stories to be involved in, with great personal significance for the families involved.



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